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Tagaytay Tours

Here at Tagaytay Packages you can enjoy some fascinating tours around the Tagaytay area, with all tours being provided here are by Manila City Tour, a sister company of WOW Philippines Travel Agency. You can enjoy our fun filled tour of the Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world, this tour includes a boat-ride and a trek up the volcano by horseback. Once at the volcano rim you can look down into the volcano and see what is known as crater lake, this is a fascinating tour for people of all ages, and it's educational.
This is a running tour, as we take you to several top tourist attractions including to the worlds only Bamboo Organ located in La Pinas City, we will pass by here on our way to Tagaytay. Once on the road we will also stop at some local food vendors, here you may wish to stop and purchase some freshly picked native bananas or pineapple, grown right here in Tagaytay. As our tour continues we will visit the famous Palace in the Sky, the summer retreat that was to be for the former Philippines President Marcos before he was removed from power. We will also stop at varies lookout points so that you can take some pictures and video of the Taal Volcano and other fantastic attractions.
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