HOTEL KIMBERLY in TAGAYTAY - A beautiful Class AAA hotel in Tagaytay with a private swimming pool, perfect for families and friends - BOOK NOW!


TAAL VISTA HOTEL TAGAYTAY - A beautiful hotel in Tagaytay that overlooks the TAAL Volcano, enjoy wonderful views as you relax here - BOOK NOW!




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Tagaytay Econo Inn

Package Price: PHP 7,750.00 Per Person

Tagaytay Econo Inn is a budget-friendly lodging facility and rated by Department of Tourism as economy class hotel providing affordable rooms for both local and foreign tourists. It is nestled in one of the most favorite destinations in the Philippines – Tagaytay City, the “City of Ch...Read More


Cool Breeze Hotel

Package Price: PHP 8,500.00 Per Person

Are you looking for a cheap Tagaytay accommodation that will fit your budget? Cool Breeze Hotel and Villas is the perfect place for you! This economy class hotel offers room and space to stay for a very affordable price while exploring the beautiful city of Tagaytay. It is perfectly located in 11...Read More


MC Mountain Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 8,550.00 Per Person

MC Mountain Home Apartelle is pocket friendly accommodation located on the west side of Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City, Cavite Philippines. It is a family-operated hotel that provides affordable lodging facilities for budget-minded travelers. In the cool breeze of Tagaytay, Mc Mountain Apartell...Read More


Starflower Tourist Lodge

Package Price: PHP 8,550.00 Per Person

Looking for a great place to enjoy the view of famous Taal lake this summer? Starflower Tourist Lodge is definitely your best choice. Experience the complete facilities, services and amenities of this hotel that will guarantee you a comfortable stay in Tagaytay.  Starflower Tourist L...Read More


Alfonso Hotel

Package Price: PHP 8,800.00 Per Person

Are you looking for a cozy and relaxing accommodation in Tagaytay? The class “A” hotel gives you both of your desires. Come out of your house and visit the wonderful and fabulous Alfonso Hotel, it is situated along Washington Ave. Royale Tagaytay Estates, Tagaytay City, Philippines. F...Read More


Fat Bills Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 9,150.00 Per Person

The luxurious ambiance and exterior design of this hotel will transform your dull and boring vacation in a great and memorable one. The hotel has a very unique set of accommodating rooms with different interior design originated and conceptualize by the hotel from the name of historical lighthous...Read More


Sunrise Holiday Mansion

Package Price: PHP 9,150.00 Per Person

Sunrise Holiday Mansion is a Class A accommodation ranked by Department of Tourism. It is located in Royal Tagaytay Estates, Alfonso, Cavite and just about two-hour drive from Metro Manila. The mansion is consist of building 1 and 2 with 108 well-appointed guestrooms ranging from Deluxe, Junior a...Read More


Rivera Hotel

Package Price: PHP 9,250.00 Per Person

Rivera Hotel is a family-owned hotel that is formerly serves as a vacation home of the family, the great ambiance and perfect location of the hotel gives the family the idea to renovate it and make it a hotel. The hotel is perfectly located in the mountain top which gives a great Taal Volcano sce...Read More


The Windy Ridge Hotel

Package Price: PHP 9,250.00 Per Person

The Windy Ridge Hotel is graded by Department of Tourism as 'Class A' accommodation that provides affordable guestrooms for all type of travelers. Nestled in the stunning landscape of Tagaytay, this lovely hotel offers captivating views of the beauty and wonder of the city. From the busy ...Read More


Dacha Hotel

Package Price: PHP 9,400.00 Per Person

Dacha, where the hotel name came from, is a Russian word that means a villa or house for retreat and vacation. True essence of the word is display in Dacha Hotel Villas where you take a leave and get away from everything. Just relax and unwind with its five-storey hotel. It is composes of 8 studi...Read More


Luniaire Potters Ridge Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 9,650.00 Per Person

Perched on the splendid ridge of Tagaytay, is the Luniaire Potter's Ridge Hotel is a convenient and relaxing getaway to bypass hectic life, busy schedule, noisy city, and everything. The hotel by the ridge is located along the main road of Kilometer 67, Aguinaldo Highway which is about a litt...Read More


Carrillo Garden Resort

Package Price: PHP 9,750.00 Per Person

Experience a rejuvenating Tagaytay vacation at the Carrillo Garden Resort! It is located at the Guinhawa South, Tagaytay City, Philippines. This wonderful place will surely give you a breathtaking view of the beautiful mountains. From the metro manila, it will only take you at least an hour of la...Read More


Puravida Resort

Package Price: PHP 9,750.00 Per Person

Pura Vida is Spanish words for “Pure Life”. Pura Vida Villas and resort will make you experience the true meaning of life with pure of relaxation, excitement, and comfort. Puravida Resort is nestled in a quiet part of the beautiful city of Tagaytay, Puravida Villa is perfect for ...Read More


Magallanes Hotel Square

Package Price: PHP 9,950.00 Per Person

Tagaytay is a well-known destination of urban dwellers when it comes for a quick vacation. It is one of the best places if you want to spend a quality time with your family, a romantic getaway with your love one, and a happy retreat with your friends. We believe that a wonderful vacation doesn...Read More


Estancia Tagaytay Hotel

Package Price: PHP 10,050.00 Per Person

If you want a quiet and peaceful place for a vacation not so far away from Metro Manila, Estancia Hotel is the best accommodation for you! The beautiful hotel is nestled in the green surrounding and cool tropical climate of Barangay San Jose, Tagaytay City. Estancia Hotel is rated as triple-A cla...Read More


View Park Hotel Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 10,150.00 Per Person

View Park Hotel Tagaytay is just a one-hour drive from the busy metropolis of Metro Manila. Located in Tagaytay City of the Philippines, the hotel is a total hide out where you can relax and stay in a environment that has been touched by nature. It provides quite surroundings that are p...Read More


One Tagaytay Place

Package Price: PHP 10,500.00 Per Person

Do you look for a hotel in Tagaytay that can make your dream vacation perfect? Let One Tagaytay Place Hotel and Residences turn your dream into reality. Located on Aguinaldo Highway just an hour away from Metro Manila, this deluxe class accommodation is the perfect hideaway for family b...Read More


Tagaytay Country Hotel

Package Price: PHP 10,680.00 Per Person

This 3-star Tagaytay Country Hotel is one of the most  elegant hotel that offer affordable rates of accommodation in Tagaytay. The hotel has an excellent services that will surely bring you a great Tagaytay escapade. Experience the unique hospitality of Cavitenos and the great scenery of pla...Read More


Days Hotel Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 10,750.00 Per Person

Do you want the best of everything under the sun? Don't waste your time and go to Days Hotel where everything is just right. The hotel sensation of the United States of America has evolved in the Philippines – from Days Inn it became Days Hotel. It is an affordable accommodation that pr...Read More


Hotel Dominique Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 10,750.00 Per Person

Hotel Dominique already caters hundreds of satisfied tourist both local and foreign. The quaint Swiss-inspired chalet facade gives you a hint of what the inside looks like. It is a small village accommodation set in countryside of Tagaytay offering interiors that evoke relaxing feeling. Here, the...Read More


Wingate Manor Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 10,950.00 Per Person

Windgate Manor promises to provide you with contemporary comfort that will totally relax you and allow you to fully enjoy you're Tagaytay vacation. Located here in the center of Tagaytay, which is known as the the City of Character, this amazing place provides wonderful accommodations that wi...Read More


Lake Hotel Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 11,020.00 Per Person

If you want a postcard-perfect view of Taal Lake and Volcano, Lake Hotel is the best accommodation for you. Located about an hour from Metro Manila, this splendid hotel offers a home with stylish, convenient, and private facilities that are absolutely fulfilling and satisfying. You can find Lake ...Read More


T-House Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 11,250.00 Per Person

A quick vacation is within your reach in Tagaytay City with its year-round cool breeze and beautiful sceneries. Many urban dwellers choose Tagaytay to recharge and relax even for weekends. So if you want a peaceful accommodation for escaping the big, noisy metropolis, T House is just the right pl...Read More


Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 12,350.00 Per Person

Hotel Kimberly is a Class A accommodation located in the “City of Character” - Tagaytay Philippines. Nestled in lush environment, vibrant flora and fauna, breathtaking scenery, and cool climate, Hotel Kimberly is a perfect getaway to enjoy the city's beauty and allows one an ...Read More


Taal Vista Hotel

Package Price: PHP 13,650.00 Per Person

A visit in Tagaytay will not be completed without seeing the Taal Volcano, for one it is famous for being the smallest active volcano in the world. Taal is well-known throughout the globe because of its unique features, it is a volcano within a lake, and there is a lake within its crater. Ta...Read More


Fat Jimmys 8 Suites Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 13,750.00 Per Person

Do you look for an accommodation with a peaceful place as well as modern and luxury facilities? 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy awaits you! Fat Jimmy's digit 8 was inspired by the family's legendary lucky number and followed by the number of the stylish suites. It is owned and operated by David Gom...Read More


Summit Ridge Tagaytay

Package Price: PHP 14,127.00 Per Person

The proximity of Tagaytay to Metro Manila makes its one of the favorite destinations to escape the sizzling heat of the metropolitan. To cater the booming number of foreign and local tourists, Robinson Land Corporation opened Summit Ridge Tagaytay Hotel in 2009. Being the first mid-rise...Read More


The Theodore Hotel

Package Price: PHP 14,990.00 Per Person

Tagaytay is one of the top excursion and destination in the Philippines, with its great food, good location, outstanding scenery, and cool weather no wonder that travelers love the place. Tagaytay is where you can find the Theodore Hotel making it a best accommodation for escaping the h...Read More


Discovery Country Suites

Package Price: PHP 16,500.00 Per Person

Cool brisk air, beautiful scenery, and proximity to the city make Tagaytay the favorite destination of the city people.  Only an hour's drive from lively city of Manila, the comfort of the charming manor will serve as an escape from dilemma of your hectic life. Perched on a picturesque r...Read More


The Cliff House Inn

Package Price: PHP 21,180.00 Per Person

The luxurious ambiance and exterior design of this hotel will transform your dull and boring vacation in a great and memorable one. The hotel has a very unique set of accommodating rooms with different interior design originated and conceptualize by the hotel from the name of historical lighthous...Read More


Nurture Spa Village Tagtaytay

Package Price: PHP 25,700.00 Per Person

Are you a spa or nature lover? Do you enjoy being surrounded by green lush tropical garden? If yes, the right place for you is the Nurture Spa Village in Tagaytay City, in Cavite, which is an active player in medical and wellness tourism in the Philippines. Nurture Spa Village boasts its ...Read More

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