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In The Philippines Media

WOW Philippines Travel Agency, Inc. is located in Pasig City, Ortigas Center, of Metro-Manila and has been providing budget friendly quality vacation packages to both Filipinos and foreign tourist since 2005. There are 1,107 Philippines Islands in total, however there are a handful of Philippine Island destinations that offer our clients a fantastic opportunity for relaxation, these islands are Boracay, Palawan, Bohol, Cebu and Camiguin

Over the years WOW Philippines Travel Agency has earned a reputation for providing not only great rates on Philippines packages, but for providing unparalleled service to each of our guest. Our travel company is comprised of travel related professionals who are dedicated to providing each client with an exceptional travel experience, and have since been recognized for our efforts by several of the Philippines top media outlets that include both television and radio along with several travel related magazines.

YES FM 911 BORACAY RADIO STATION – Interview with Alan Palma.

Rick St. John of WOW Philippines Travel Agency wrote and recorded the song, BORACAY GO as a way of helping to promote tourism for the island of Boracay. In September of 2013 Alan Palma of YES FM 911 Boracay Radio Station asked Rick to be on his new radio show called "Boracay, One Heart, One Island, One Goal" a radio show dedicated to providing good news about what is happening on Boracay Island. Listen to this radio interview and you will learn just how much Rick loves the Philippines, Boracay and the people of Aklan, and why Boracay means so much to him.

SONSHINE RADIO DZAR 1026 AM with Tony Cuevas

In October of 2010 Tony Cuevas of Sonshine Radio DZAR 1026 invited Rick and Jane St. John to the Pasig City, Ortigas Center studio for a live radio interview to discuss traveling in the Philippines. During the 30 minute interview Rick and Jane talk about visiting top Philippines vacation destination like Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol, as-well-as Tagaytay, Baguio and Banaue. Rick talks also about how to save money when traveling, one of the best ways is to purchase a complete Philippines package that includes your hotel room accommodations, along with airfare, land and sea transportation and to also include any activities, the more you include, the more money a travel agency can save you.


In June of 2009 Rick St. John was invited by Tina Palma of ABS-CBN Television to be on her program, TALK BACK with Tina Palma and to discuss the joys of traveling in the Philippines. Rick was also on the show with other Filipino personalities like "Rick" with Travel Asia and the group from the popular Filipino travel show, "Trip-na-Trip". During the interview Rick is asked about what it's like traveling to different island destinations in the Philippines like Boracay, Camiguin, Bohol, and Cebu.

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