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3 Day Pizza Making Course by Pizza Freaks in the Philippines

3 Day Pizza Making Course Philippines

True to their name, Pizza Freaks is enthusiastic regarding developing wonderful sampling and also incredible looking pizza, in any type of design. Right here at Pizza Freaks we provide a 3 day one-on-one Pizza Making Training course for those that are absolutely passionate concerning making pizza, and also for those that are intending to open their very own pizza store.

Hey Everybody, I'm Rick St. John the owner of Pizza Freaks, and I enjoy making tasty and yummy Neapolitan design pizza, from just the most effective genuine imported ingredients. I have more than 15 years of experience in the restaurant and food market, having actually benefited several of one of the most prominent hotel dining establishments in The u.s.a. To name simply a few of the leading hotel restaurants where I have appreciate employment, Holiday Inn Central, Marriott Hotel, Radisson Hotel, Capital City Club as well as I functioned as a manager for both Little Caesars Pizza and Wendy's.

Pizza Making Training course Day 1:

On the first day of our pizza making course you will be given handouts that clarify regarding the different flour types readily available for making different sorts of pizza, like Neapolitan, New York, Sicilian and also Roman design pizzas. During this session you will discover ways to mix flour to supply simply the best appearance for the type of pizza you are making. We educate you how to blend the dough properly to get the appropriate structure, and reveal you some keys not typically known to the ordinary person.

When we have actually blended the dough, we will allow it rise for a certain amount of time, after that we will certainly show you how you can correctly reduce, evaluate and roll-out the dough into the correct size and also weight of dough-ball. Producing the ideal dough-ball is important to the success of stretching out your pizza dough, if the dough-ball dose not have the appropriate seal, your dough when extending will certainly tear, as well as you will wind up with a huge hole in the center of your dough. We instruct you how you can avoid this from occurring.

Pizza Making Training course Day 2:

On the second day of our pizza making course we will concentrate on two things, mixing as well as producing even more dough-balls for your 3rd day, and learning how to extend our dough by hand. Throughout this time you will get a handout that reveals you the total computation for developing the right weight for every dough-ball dimension. This step is critical to knowing how much dough you have under your pizza, so that you can approximate the amount of baking time. As an example, with our calculation tables, you could create a 6" size pizza as well as a 14" dimension pizza, as well as area both in the oven a the same time, and also both will certainly cook entirely in the exact quantity of time.

Stretching dough by hand is not hard, but it does take time, initiative and dedication on your component. In some cases it could take a complete day or even more for a pupil to get the hand extending of dough down, to where it is simple, but not to stress, Rick St. John is right here, and also will certainly collaborate with you every step of the means, to insure your success.

During the 2nd day of our pizza making course we will likewise teach you the best ways to effectively top a pizza, to make sure that every pizza enters into as well as comes out of the oven resembling a masterpiece. Keep in mind that your consumers get with their eyes, so if the pizza looks remarkable, then in their mind, it is currently delicious and tasty. We will also provide you handouts that reveal the correct covering sections to put on a pizza, to optimize the flavor, while keeping your price level.

Pizza Making Course Day 3:

During the 3rd day of our pizza making program you will certainly implement every little thing you found out throughout the first days as well as two. From this point you will certainly mix the pizza dough by yourself, then weigh out the dough to the proper amount, after that hand stretch the dough to it's right size. You will then cover the dough with toppings, making use of the chart provided you during your first day, this is your possibility currently to produce a fantastic pizza by yourself.

From this point onward, Rick St. John with be offered to you for as lengthy as you require, so also if a year from currently, you need a refresher course, not a problem, it's absolutely free, return anytime. We are quite certain that by the end of day three of our pizza making training course you will be positive to develop and make fantastic sampling and amazing looking pizza totally on your own, and also we will certainly provide you a certificate to confirm it.

Open your pizza restaurant with confidence, come train with us today!

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