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Cheapest Tagaytay Hotel & Tour Packages for 2018

Welcome to Tagaytay Packages, your complete one-stop resource from WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila for everything Tagaytay. Located just thirty-four (34) miles from Manila via the Aguinaldo Highway you will find this Tagaytay to be one of the countries top ten tourist destinations due to the cool climate and extremely beautiful views. Many people come from other foreign countries come to retire here in this area, with the low cost of living and the wide-open spaces and no pollution, Tagaytay Philippines is a fantastic choice, a really great place to raise a family.

Why Tour Beautiful Tagaytay?

Taal Volcano in TagaytayIn addition to being only a 1.5 hour drive from Manila and having a nice cool climate, Tagaytay is also known for having the "Worlds Smallest Active Volcano". There are boats that provide daily tours to the Taal Volcano, where you can enjoy a fantastic trek up this small mountain where you will from the top enjoy a fantastic view of "Crater Lake". Please visit us here for the latest Tagaytay tours and the best rates.

We provide several different Tagaytay tour packages designed especially for individuals and families, and with each tour we provide complete door-to-door transportation and a knowledgeable tour guide, who is professional and experienced.

Hotels with an Awesome View of the Taal Volcano?

Many of the hotels in Tagaytay are situated overlooking Taal Lake, with each hotel offering a different, yet still breathtaking views, and in most cases directly from your hotel room balcony, leaving you with a most memorable vacation experience.

We have carefully selected over thirty (30) of the best Tagaytay hotels, with choices ranging from inexpensive budget hotels which are perfect for the individual backpackers and travelers looking for some adventure, to the more upscale hotels that offer a more refined experience. However regardless of your choice of hotel, the one thing you can be sure of is that you will receive the best service the local Filipino's, known for their warm personality and friendly smiles.

Here at WOW Philippines Travel Agency in Manila we have been helping to provide tourist with complete hotel packages since 2005, and we have many happy clients who have openly shared their experiences on our website.

No Car? No Worries!

All Tagaytay Packages listed on our website can come with "one way or round trip" transportation service, provided by our car or van, the choice of transport is left to you. To add our convenient car hire service, just contact our friendly and professional travel agents.

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